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"As a philosopher looking at decisions by business strategists, Dr. Adler sees the big picture. And that picture is that too many decisions are made without taking account the dynamic aspect of the real world…His dynamic simulation model is genius… This is not just “dumb” deterministic regression model using Big historical Data and fitting a line but a real test drive using perspectives on an uncertain future derived from market expertise…One unintended consequence of this book is in making me excited again about recommending a book to those brave souls on the front line of besting the competition."

—Ben Gilad, expert on competitive intelligence and author of Business War Games and Early Warning

"For Risk Managers, there is a huge array of interesting subject areas covered in this book."

Martin Davies, Risk Framework Architect at Causal Capital, Singapore

"Richard Adler's assessment of the human foibles and unintended consequences of how we make critical decisions is an important cautionary tale for all executives and organizational leaders to heed. Moreover, his work provides a valuable tool kit to enable decision makers to make better choices when confronting complex decisions. The in-depth analysis of competition, risk, and organizational change are vitally important concerns of all strategic decision makers.  As a whole, this book offers a valuable compendium of perspectives, tools and applications that will be a welcome addition to the book shelves of all who must participate in critical decisions impacting their organizations and their stakeholders.

—Robert DeFillippi, Strategy and International Business Department, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University


"Sound decision-making is central to success in business.  Making clear decisions on a complex issue can be daunting and risky, as a single decision can produce several outcomes. In this book, Dr. Adler provides tools to analyze and chart various alternatives for making critical decisions and to define strategies and contingencies to avoid anticipated problems that may result from multi-level outcomes.  His systematic approach will benefit any business, organization or situation of making crucial decisions effectively, even allowing one to stay on top of events as they occur."

—Rasul Damji, Partner, Altasparq (formerly CEO, Raritan and Vice President, Local Network Services, AT&T)

"In 1983 we introduced Lotus 1-2-3, a breakthrough decision support capability aimed at a broad audience. However, spreadsheets also promoted the illusion of more accuracy in projecting the future than was warranted, since they tended to be based on very limited and often simplistic information and assumptions. Rich Adler’s comprehensive understanding of the interdependent components that impact decisions, and his blending of multiple tools under one approachable umbrella, represent a significant next step in the growth of decision support methods that is both welcome and necessary."

—Marv Goldschmitt, Marketing Executive and High-Tech Start-up Executive (formerly Director of Product Marketing, then VP of Business Development for Lotus Development Corp.)

"As a Homeland Security practitioner, I see enormous potential for his work in the area of critical decision support in its ability to inform effective decisions related to managing risk across the broad range of Homeland Security crisis scenarios. The magnitude of his contributions in this regard cannot be overstated.  Rich is a deep thinker but he is also a doer with a passion for producing practical useful results."

—Dr. Philip Anderson, Director of Research and Chief Innovation Officer at Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University

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