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Selected Publications

R.M. Adler. 2020. Bending the Law of Unintended Consequences: A Test-Drive Method for Critical Decision-Making in Organizations. Springer Books, Switzerland.

R.M. Adler. 2013. "A Dynamic Capability Maturity Model for Improving Cyber Security." IEEE HST2013: IEEE Conference on    Technologies for Homeland Security. Waltham, MA.

R.M. Adler.  2013. "Dynamic Portfolio Management for Transportation Security Programs."  Annual Security Analysis and Risk Management Conference (SARMA) Conference. Arlington, VA.

R.M. Adler, J. Fuller, and E. Taquechel.  2010. "Maritime Security Dynamic Risk Analysis & Management Application (MSDRAMA)." Fourth Annual Security Analysis and Risk Management Conference (SARMA) Conference. Arlington, VA. 

R.M. Adler and J. Fuller. 2009. “Decision Support for Countering Terrorist Threats Against Transportation Networks.” Journal for Strategic Security. 2:3.  43-64.  

R.M. Adler. 2008.“Knowledge Engines for Critical Decision Support.” in Knowledge management strategies: A handbook of applied technologies. Lytras, M.D.,  Russ, M.,  Maier, R., Naeve, A. (Eds.) New York: Idea Publishing Group. 

R.M. Adler and D. Koehn. 2007. “CALM: Complex Adaptive System (CAS)-Based Decision Support for Enabling Organizational Change.” International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS 2007).

R.M. Adler, 2007. “A Dynamic Social Network Software Platform for Counter-Terrorism Decision Support.” Fifth International IEEE Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics.

R.M. Adler. 2003.  “ForeTell™ : A Simulation-Based Modeling and Analysis Platform for Homeland Security Decision Support.” 2003 Spring IEEE Conference on Technologies For Homeland Security.

R.M. Adler and D. Krieger. 1998. "The Emergence of Distributed Component Platforms." IEEE Computer. 31:3. 43-53. (invited feature article).

R.M. Adler. 1995. "Distributed Coordination Models for Client-Server Computing." IEEE Computer. 28:4. 14-22.

R.M. Adler. 1995. "Emerging Standards in Component Software." IEEE Computer. 28:3.  43-53.

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R. M. Adler. 1994. "Group-Oriented Coordination Models for Distributed Client-Server Computing." Telematics and Informatics.  11:4. 429-442.

R.M. Adler. 1992. "Coordinating Complex Problem-Solving Among Distributed Intelligent Agents." Telematics and Informatics. 9:4. 191-204.


R.M. Adler. 1992. "Blackboard Systems." Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence. Second Edition. Stuart Shapiro (ed.). John Wiley & Sons. NY. 116-126.  (updated original article).

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R.M. Adler. 1991. "A Hierarchical Distributed Control Model for Coordinating Intelligent Systems." Telematics and Informatics.  8:4.  385-402.


R.M. Adler and B.H. Cottman. 1990. "EXODUS:  Integrating Intelligent Systems for Launch Operations Support." Proceedings, Space Operations, Applications, and Research Symposium (SOAR90). NASA CP-3103.  324-330.

R.M. Adler. 1990. "Knowledge-Based Comparisons of System Simulations."  AI and Simulation: Theory and Applications. W. Webster and J. Uttamsingh (eds.) 22:3. 117-124. The Society for Computer Simulation International. San Diego, CA.  

R.M. Adler, A. Heard, R.B. Hosken. 1989. "OPERA - An Expert Operations Analyst for a Distributed Computer System." Proceedings of the Annual AI Systems in Government Conference. Washington, DC.  179-185.

R.M. Adler. 1989. "SEIMOAR - An Intelligent Acquisition Support Tool." Artificial Intelligence in Engineering: Tools and Techniques. D. Sriram and R. Adey (eds.) Computational Mechanics Publications. Surrey. UK. 245-257.

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